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Donating Books to Corrections Department

Susan Byrd, volunteer at Palisades and Cleveland Park Branches has investigated and found out how we can donate Books to the DC Department of Corrections.

The Deputy Warden for Programs for the Department of Corrections, Ms. Patricia Temoney-Salmon, is implementing a new Leisure Reading Program for the inmates in 20 housing units run by the Department. They can use our donatons of the followmg types of books (paperbacks only!):

  1. Fiction of all kinds, including Westerns, Romance and Science Fiction
  2. Non-fiction of a non-controversial type (no politics, terrorism, gang-related materials)
  3. Books on pregnancy, childbirth, child-reaxing as well as women’s issues
  4. Reference books such as dictionaries
  5. Spanish fiction and non-fiction (These must be BOXED SEPARATELY)
  6. They can also use dvds and videos, using the same guidelines.

The Department of Corrections will send a truck to pick up materials. They ask only that we box the items and label each box by type, e.g., “general fiction,” “women’s interests/parenting,” “computers,” “dictionaries/reference.” Again, all Spanish materials must be boxed separately.

They will send a truck to pick up these materials if you contact Ms. Temoney-Salmons at 202-673-8431. You can also fax her at 698-4877.

If you would like more information, you can contact Susan at 202-338-1220. We need all the help we can get to develop an organized system for sharing the many books donated to the Friends and this is a great resource for sharing materials that don’t sell at a Book Sale in our own community.

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