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Check It In! Fines forgiven through February 5

Do you have an overdue library book, CD or DVD? Check it in December 5 – February 5 and DC Public Library will forgive your fines. That’s right! No Fines, No fees, No questions asked.

You lost the book. No problem. Stop by your local DC Public Library and they’ll forgive that too.

No matter how long you’ve had it. No matter the condition. Check it in and discover the joy of using DC Public Library again. For more information visit

Renovated, Historic Library Reopening October 18, 2010

The Georgetown Interim Library, located at 3307 M St. N.W. will close Saturday, September 25. Library services will resume on Monday, October 18 at the renovated Georgetown Neighborhood Library, located at 3260 R St. N.W.

The renovated three-story library will add many modern improvements including:

  • Better lighting
  • Dedicated space for teens
  • Improved ADA access
  • A new outdoor reading terrace overlooking Book Hill Park
  • A new bright, spacious children’s room
  • Restored woodwork throughout the building
  • A new third floor for the Peabody Room which houses a special collection of materials on the history of Georgetown .

During the transition to the new location, library users can return or renew books checked out at any other DC Public Library location or online at The library closest to the Georgetown Interim Library is the West End Neighborhood Library at 1101 24th St. N.W.

Changes in Library Services to Occur October 5, 2009

The funding for the DC Public Library for FY10 is about 11% less than funding for FY09. In addition, the library must accommodate some cost increases within this budget. This forces them to make changes in the way they provide library services to District residents. In making these decisions, they want to be sure of the following:

  1. We will provide as many hours of library service each week as we can with these reduced resources.
  2. When the library is open, we will provide the books, technology and other library services that library users expect.
  3. We will open 6 new libraries in FY10, and we will celebrate this improvement in library service throughout the District.

The changes listed below will go into effect on October 5th 2009:

  • Monday thru Saturday, Neighborhood Libraries will remain open with current hours (2 evenings, 3 mornings, Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm).
  • Neighborhood Libraries will not be open Sunday afternoons.
  • The schedule at Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library will change. On Monday and Tuesday the Library will be open from noon until 9:00 pm (current hours are 9:30am – 9:00pm).
  • Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library will be open every Sunday afternoon, 1 – 5 pm.
  • No library will be open on Monday holidays.
  • By the end of October, the garage at Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library will no longer be available to the general public – an access card will be required for entry. This will allow security staff to be re-directed to neighborhood libraries.
  • The addition of alarms and more sophisticated security technology at the Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library will allow some security staff to be re-directed to neighborhood libraries.
  • In order to provide library service directly to the public, some staff will be reassigned from CYS and Collections to neighborhood libraries.
  • The Extreme Mobile will not be in use during FY10.
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