Get on the Bus: District of Columbia Library Excursion and Tour

By Richard
October 12, 2011

The Federation of Friends of the DC Public Library and the DC Public Library Foundation are hosting a library excursion tour for supporters and potential supporters of DC’s Public Libraries. The event will be Saturday, October 22, 2011. The bus departs the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library at 10:00 am and visits five public libraries, ending up back at the main library at 2:00 p.m. The tour will highlight both newly constructed and renovated spaces as well as libraries that still require revitalization.

The two sponsoring organizations share parallel though distinct missions with regard to supporting the city’s libraries. Moreover, the two organizations are committed to strengthening their collaborative partnership. Consequently, fostering and enhancing this relationship is a key goal for both organizations and jointly hosting a tour of District libraries was deemed a meaningful way of paying homage to this mission. More profoundly, a library tour would provide both an opportunity to personally connect as well as enjoy a guided visit to the very entities that these organizations are responsible for supporting.

The intent of this initial Get on the Bus Tour is as follows:

  • To raise awareness and highlight the distinct history of District libraries in the various Wards and neighborhoods of the city.
  • To explain and affirm the pivotal role that libraries play in the educational, economic, cultural and social life of the District.
  • To promote prospective donor understanding and commitment to the value of investing in DC Public Library (DCPL) at a sustained and upgraded financial level.

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